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What is Individualism?

Individualism is best defined as a political philosophy which holds supreme the right of an individual to act as he or she wishes as long as his or her actions do not impinge upon the freedoms of other individuals.

When defining a concept, it is often useful to contrast the concept with its opposition. So who opposes individualism?

Individualism stands in stark contrast to modern (US) Liberalism. Modern Liberalism in the US is best identified as socialism. Ayn Rand claimed that collectivism leads to totalitarianism; a claim proven true when you see the laws legislated in the US. Liberals in the US have arrogated themselves to legislate away any and every shred of personal freedom.

Individualism also stands in contrast to the Religious Right on matters such as gay marriage and the role of government in society.

The real enemy of individual freedom is democracy. Democracy at its best is a method to administer a constitutionally individualist nation. At its worst, democracy is a tool for the majority – and special interests – to legislate their morality onto others.

And that is what we have in America today. We have a totalitarian, socialist democracy. The government exists to legislate the pet peeves of the people into law, which is then enforced by police and bureaucrats at great expense to those who would exercise their individuality.

This is the fight I have chosen to fight, and would much appreciate any help I can get.


John Scott